Recently, Global Vitamin Co., Ltd (Glovit) has been certified Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) by GMP+ International for the second year, after being certified in 2021 for the first time. This certification affirms Glovit’s a long-term commitment to quality management system to domestic and international customers:

  • Ensure reliability and safety of supplied products (from procurement to storage, to transportation) for users.
  • Being certified GMP+ FSA aims to supply quality, safe and reliable products in compliance with the regulations for trading, storage, and so on.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of European Union for feed safety in order to meet and serve consumers’ needs.

What is GMP+ ?

GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices”, and the GMP+ for the integration of ISO quality management requirements, HACCP and other factors.

GMP+ Certification started in 1992 as a set of guidelines for the Dutch feed sector. After that, the certification scheme is integrated with ISO quality management system and HACCP. GMP+ is therefore become a more qualified certification.

The basis of GMP+ certification is PDCA cycle, which applies to all quality systems. The four steps of PDCA standing for plan, do, check and act are based on continuous improvement, determining the conditions of companies in the feed industry. It includes many mandatory conditions, from production to storage, transportation, qualifications of staff and documentation of processes. GMP+ ensures reliability, control and safety of feed for users. This is a feed safety assurance system.

GMP+ is designed to comply with the rules and regulations of European Unison for product safety.

Feed companies are increasingly aware of GMP+. GMP+ monitors and controls wholly feed supply chain for meat processing industry, from raw material manufacturers to transporters and breeders.